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Dial Gear Type Level

We recommend you very flexible application of gear float type level transmitter with building, water, waste water, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, refinary industries with low cost
and maintenace free.
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Float Type Level

Low cost reed float type level transmitter is very common unit of various indusries application. Because of measuring float and guid pipe can fit to custom materials like PVC,
PTFE or 316SS according to the measured liquid.
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Ladar Type Level
ABM Series

Innovative radar probe adjusts microwave pulse amplitude and its width to a target distance and target reflection properties. The receiver changes its sensitivity with amplitude of received echoes.
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Contact free to CDI for your system application of level, indicators, controllers, analysis, signal converters,
arresters and analyzers. Good quality instruments ensured by ISO certified product manufacturing process.

Our main business target is based on manufacturing, import and export with global partners innovative local instrumentations with affordable economic prices and good qualities.

CDG-SL,S,L dial gear type level series is ideal to applicate in reservoir in building, apartment, wastewater treatment facility, animal wastewater, rainwater pump station, drain water reservoir and various process tank of plants with low cost. Standard 2-wire loop powered enable easy installation and easy to moving unit makes easy to maintain. Simple local display type(CDG-L), simple signal transmitter type (CDG-S) and local display with signal transmitter type (CDG-SL) selectable according to field conditions.

2-wire Blind Level Transmitter installed on the float ball guide chamber in the basement of rain water pumping station. CDG-S transmits 4-20mA DC proportional to the liquid level. Low cost and convenient in mounting where is no space between tank top and ceiling.

  CDI-2000/3000/4000D digital indicators are low prices and menu-driven micro-processor based compact designed unit. It can be used for various parameter controls like level, temperature, pressure, analyzers.

2-wire Compact Ultrasonic Level Transmitter The probes cover distances from 5" to 30' with 2"NPT mountings. The probes can take up to 16 shots per second, making them the fastest in the industry. Speed is especially important in applications involving fast filling tanks.
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